8 april 2007

The Joy Of Loving You

The Joy Of Loving You

You are the sun behind the clouds

On a cold Winter's day

You are the reason why I smile

As you chase my blues away

You are the whisper in the wind

That carries words of love so true

I became a better person

On the day that I met you

You are the treasures of the ocean

Hidden deep below the sea

Your love is like a precious gift

That's been bestowed upon me

You are the lyrics of a love song

Penned from a musician's hand

Your love captures my attention

As our hearts take command

You are the music in my heart

Playing love's heavenly tune

In your presence I could fly

And reach up and touch the moon

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Mijn lieve wederhelft zei een tijdje geleden dat hij er toch wel bekaaid vanaf kwam op de blog ;), vandaar.