8 juli 2008

Thank you Sarah

As a total surprise we received a superb and lovely package from Sarah (Babylonglegs).

I couldn't believe my eyes when we opened all the presents.

A beautiful nursing necklace and especially she found one with a jasper stone. Ooh Sarah, you're so thoughtful!

These beautiful shorts she knitted from wool she spun herself and she dyed it in my favorite colorway 'Storm'. I'm over the moon with it; it's IRL even prettier than on the picture.

Sarah, you have spoiled us terribly. We LOVE you :o)!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. wow, that's very special, for a special mommy...

  2. Awwh.......glad you liked your package, Tessa.....it was a pleasure to put it all together for you :)
    Just a little token from me to say thankyou for all your support of my work...
    I hope the chocolate was enjoyed...and that your little fella gets lots of use out of his woollies!
    I loved the necklace so much, I am waiting for another to be made!!!

    Big hugs....

    Sarah xXx